Support Groups

A space for self-care, self-awareness, and personal development. A safe, respectful, and liberating space, the space you deserve to gift yourself.

Online group sessions once a month. Groups of maximum 5 women.

  • We explore the wounds that are limiting you, working with the inner child.
  • We strengthen self-esteem, learn to make room for self-love and empowerment.
  • We identify limiting beliefs and learn to take our own reins.
  • We share experiences if we feel inclined.
  • We feel embraced by the group, by other women who desire the same as you, their well-being, mental peace, to be leaders of their lives, to be free.

In the sessions, we work with therapeutic exercises and meditations, in addition to the support of the group, feeling embraced and supported in your process.

The path to healing wounds and towards personal growth can be difficult, but with support and companionship, it becomes more enjoyable; you are not alone. If you want to be part of one of the groups, contact me. We will have a free 30-minute session to get to know you and assign you to the most convenient group for you.


“The group session has been a whole new experience for me. It’s a space where I’ve felt comfortable and connected with people who support and listen to me. We’ve built a special relationship, and that makes me feel more motivated to work on the changes I need to make.

“The group session has been a great experience. I started it feeling scared, worried that there wouldn’t be any connection and that I wouldn’t be able to open up. But truthfully, from the very first day, I felt free to share my feelings and problems, and I felt supported and understood. Sometimes we feel like we’re alone in everything bad that happens to us, but that’s not true. I’ve realized that, one way or another, we all go through similar things, and it’s very comforting to hear it not only from a psychologist but also from peers. We’ve created a very nice group where I feel free and safe, and it motivates me to continue with the changes I need to make in my life.”