Arantxa Pardo

I directed my professional career towards the social sphere since I had always felt an internal drive to help others from a young age, and I was clear that I wanted to dedicate myself to helping others live a happy life. I graduated as a psychologist and continued my health studies when my interest in nutrition began to awaken, certifying me as a Health Coach. Cooking became one of my passions; I love experimenting with new flavors and recipes. Cooking relaxes me and brings me joy.

My personal and professional resume supports me. My professional experience has provided me with tools, but the backpack of experiences that I have had has qualified me in a way that only experiences, not books, can do. For a time, I lived and worked in a wellness retreat isolated in the middle of the mountains. There, I began my spiritual path, learned true meditation, and found complete inner peace. My morning meditation practice is now indispensable; it is a powerful tool that gives me calm, compassion, kindness, and stability to face any circumstance in a prosperous and healthy way.

I am adventurous and take risks despite fears. I have lived in several cities and am currently residing in London, where I continue to enrich myself with experiences and dedicate myself to mental health, offering therapy in Spanish in London in person and online, reaching any place in the world. Here, I share how I pursued my dreams.

My philosophy of life and way of working is born from love. I believe that when we act from love, we heal, achieve peace, and experience well-being. Starting by finding self-love and learning to listen to yourself, feel yourself, allow yourself, and let go is key to healing the different areas of your life.

My principles: Honesty – Generosity – Respect – Kindness

My motto: “Live in Balance, Act from Love, Nourish Body, Mind, and Soul.”