Following my dreams

Throughout my life, I have taken many risks and heard many times that I am crazy. Every time I communicated my adventures to family and friends, on most occasions, I had everyone against my decision, telling me that it was a mistake. However, I have always been very intuitive and guided by what I feel. I do not let myself be swayed by what others believe is “better” for me because the only person who knows is you, and the only person who will live your life is you.

Loving and dedicating myself to helping others is in my nature, and it has always been my course and objective. In my first relationship, I left everything to go to another country without any security. At that time in my life, I had a job that gave me independence, an opportunity to go on Erasmus, and the chance to finish my University career in the expected time of five years in Spain. I quit my job, postponed my career practices, left without a job or a house in the country I was going to. Once there, I realized that it was not the ideal city to find a job, and in fact, I did not find one. I spent all my savings, and my relationship ended. I found myself alone in another country without a partner, without money, and I went back to Spain to start completely from scratch. That same year, I enrolled in a Master’s Degree in the city where I had long felt that I wanted to go, but because of my fears, I never did. I was accepted into the master a week before it was starting. I packed my bags, found roommates online, and there I went, without knowing anyone or anything in the city.

I had to be there at that time and not before, although I always wanted to live there. That was the moment for me because it would take me to my second relationship, which ended very badly. But I did not dare to leave before because of the fear of being alone, starting again from zero, feeling lost. However, that was where I took one of the greatest risks. Finally, I decided to move to another country alone. I had always wanted to do it, but it was one of my biggest fears. I had moved a lot but always accompanied, and I really wanted to do it alone, but I was terrified. Finally, I did it and in a big way. I moved to a big city like London, without knowing absolutely anyone, without savings, without plans. I just felt that the time had come. It was an incredible experience, but I ended up consuming myself at work, and over time, it was the only thing I did. I stopped enjoying the city, friendships, and exhausted myself, which led me to take another risk.

My stress level was very high at that time, and I needed a total disconnection. Suddenly, I got an opportunity to move to work and live in a retreat, disconnected from the city in the middle of nature. That’s where I started my spiritual path. I stayed there until my inner guide told me that I had already learned everything I had to learn from that experience and that it was my time to take another path.

For the first time, I didn’t have a plan or an internal feeling that told me where to go. So, I decided to take some time off and just flow. I went a few weeks to a little house in the mountains by myself, and then I returned to my city and began to consider the idea of opening my consultations as I had always wanted, although I did not fully convince myself. The idea of doing it in my city was the only place where I could afford it at that time, so I started the process, without being convinced of it. My instinct has always taken me away from my hometown, and I have always known that it is not the place where I want to grow a life. During this summer, I had a dream, and in my experience at the retreat, I learned that dreams sometimes have messages. That dream told me that I should return to London. I did not pay attention at that time, but the next day, I received a message with an offer to return to London. I did not think about it; I knew it was a sign. I accepted it, and a month later, I was back in the big city. Today, I still live in London, in love with this city, my life, my job, my freedom. I dedicate myself to helping others; I am on the path of the job of my dreams, in a city where I feel free, with opportunities, an open mind. Each risk has had consequences, some learnings, but also some very hard ones. However, I do not regret anything I have done because they have brought me closer and closer to my dreams. I am still dreaming, but I am patient because I know that in this present moment, I am where I should be, and I trust in life and the Universe.

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