May your dreams dominate in your life, not your fears

Have you ever felt dominated by your fears, lost an opportunity or perhaps left a dream because the fear of risk was bigger than the courage to go for it.

Maybe in the past it happened to you or it still happening, you don’t dare to leave your current job that doesn’t really fill you and start a new journey towards your dream job, you feel tied to a relationship that you dare not leave for what people would say, friends in common, family or the fear of feeling lonely and starting over.

When you risk following a dream you feel a sensation of vertigo, it is that fear of the unknown, not knowing what will happen, leaving the comfort zone is scary because although it is not the ideal place where we would like to be, we already know the situation and we feel safe, we believe we have things under control.

Now I want you to imagine the worst scenario that could result if you take a risk for something that you dream with…

You already have it? Now observe it and find in it some learning that you can get out of that situation, look further and think where it could take you, it may not be directly where you want to be but it is an approach, a step forward. Life is little breadcrumbs that are leading us to the top step by step, take each situation and know how to see the progress in each step and trust that it is where you have to be at that moment for your growth. When you decide to take a risk, be patient and very important, let it go and trust, trust in life.

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