Ichigo Ichie

“Ichi-go Ichi-e” (One time, one meeting) is a concept from Japanese arts, originating in Zen Buddhism. It stems from the philosophy of Li Naosuke, who lived every moment of life as unique and unrepeatable. Li made tea every day as if it were his last. He believed that while the tea could be the same, just as you can replicate a recipe, the moment, time, and space were unique every day and would never be repeated. Each day is unique, and what we experience in it will never return. Even daily routines won’t repeat in the same way; we won’t feel the same or have the same experiences as on that specific day, at that particular time, and under those conditions.

We often engage in daily routines automatically, without appreciating them. However, circumstances can change unexpectedly. We may no longer be able to have dinner with a loved one, enjoy our free time on weekends, or indulge in our daily pleasures. We could fall ill, lose someone dear to us, face financial challenges, or find ourselves unable to enjoy simple pleasures due to unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, it’s essential to appreciate every moment of your day, no matter how small. You have the conditions and circumstances to live it at this moment, and for that reason alone, it is unique and worthy of your full attention.

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