Give yourself some Love

How long has it been since you dedicated time to yourself, to do something that you enjoy? If your answer has been “a long time,” then it’s time for a change. From time to time, we need to disconnect from our daily routine, our duties, and obligations, and do something different, something for ourselves. Sometimes, we dedicate so much of our time to others, to work, to household chores, that we forget to take care of ourselves. What are your hobbies? What relaxes you? How do you have fun? What activities do you enjoy? Although you love being a mother and enjoy your work, it’s essential to disconnect from your everyday routine and do something different occasionally to recharge and fill yourself with energy and motivation for the week ahead.

I suggest choosing one day a week and establishing it as your day. During part of that day, refrain from answering emails, calls, or dealing with work-related issues. If you have children, consider leaving them with grandparents or a nanny and spending time with your friends, cooking, drawing, reading, exercising, practicing yoga, taking a walk, singing, dancing, going to a spa, or getting a massage. Do things that bring you joy and relaxation. You can spend this time outdoors, engaging in physical activities, or if you prefer staying at home, disconnect from social networks, indulge in reading, practice yoga, cook a new recipe, or enjoy a relaxing bath with bath salts and aromatic candles. Show yourself some love and prioritize self-care.

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