My professional career was oriented towards the social, since I had always felt an internal impulse to help others since I was little and I was clear that I wanted to dedicate myself helping others to live a happy life. I graduated as a psychologist in 2012 and a few years later I continued my studies on health when I started to feel interest in nutrition and how it affects our mental, emotional and physical health. Cooking became one of my passions; I love to experience new flavours, recipes, it makes me feel relaxed and joyful. (Check out my recipes).

My professional experience has given me many tools but the backpack of experiences that I have lived has qualified me in a way that only life experiences and not books can do it. During a time I was living and working in a wellness retreat, isolated in the middle of the mountain, I started my spiritual journey, I learned the true meditation and I found full inner peace, my meditation practice in the morning I cannot be missed, a powerful tool that endows me with calm, compassion, kindness and stability to face any circumstance in a prosperous and healthy way.

My principles: Honesty – Generosity – Respect – Goodness

My motto: «Live in Balance, Act from Love, Nourish Body, Mind and Soul».