The Magic Drink for your Health

Kombucha, one of the kings among probiotics, is a living colony of bacteria and yeasts that are obtained by a fermentation process. Red or green tea is allowed to ferment with quality sugar and a drink with a slight acid taste full of properties is achieved, the main one is the regeneration of the intestinal flora, but it also has other benefits such as strengthening cell membranes, detoxifying and to purify the organism, to favour the digestive and hepatic function, to prevent that many toxics are absorbed in the intestine, the acids of the Kombucha have a high antioxidant power and regenerative properties that eliminate putrefied substances, besides it is a drink rich in vitamins of group B , C, D, E and K, minerals (iron, potassium, zinc, manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, fluorine) and enzymes.

Where can you find this tea? In some organic stores but the cheapest is to make it yourself.

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