Learn to Think Positive

We can train our mind to think positively just as athletes train their body or in the same way that we get automated learning such as driving, cycling, writing, with perseverance and awareness we can automate positive thoughts. Negative thoughts hurt our wellbeing, if we choose to think positive we will be happier, it is not something that could be changed from one day to the next but it is something that can be achieved with practice. How? in the first place, being aware of when a negative thought comes to you, for example, if you have an exam or an important event tomorrow and you think: «it will rain», «I’m not going to pass the exam «or you want to stay over the weekend with the boy you like and you think that he does not feel like it or will not be able to. When you begin to pay attention and realize the amount of negative messages that your mind sends you throughout the day you will be surprised.

The next step is to change these thoughts once you are aware of them and detect them, change them for positive ones, if you think it’s going to rain, change that thought for: “I don’t know if it will rain but rain or not my day will be nice and I will have a great time”, the rain is not a problem, the rain brings life and cleans the space, it will give a romantic touch to the day. In the case of thinking that your boy will not want to see you, when I used to think like that I start changing the message for: “Maybe he doesn’t want to or maybe he does, I can’t know 100% so why should I think badly in advance and feeling bad making a negative presumption”. We provoke absurd pain, losing enjoying the present moment. And if in the end he can’t meet you, thinking negative has the situation changed? So, why do you accumulate negative thoughts and emotions inside of you if you think negative does not change the situation, why do you have deductions about something that is not in your hands, that is external, that you have not control, what has to be will be and being negative you will not change that fact and avoid answers like «I knew you would not want», instead, find the positive side, I assure you that everything has, with training you will see that even situations that it seems darker have its positive sides. If that appointment did not take place, rejoice because you have time to do other things, go out with your friends or dedicate time to yourself.

It is not an easy task, but with constancy everything is achieved, I believe a lot in the motto «If you want you can», if you really want something and you try hard you will get it. Train your mind, it won’t be easy at the beginning, but little by little that conscious change of thoughts will become automatic and positive thoughts will fill your mind and your life will change. I used to be a very negative person, to this day what I find difficult is thinking negative, positive thoughts come to me automatically and unconsciously and I consider myself a very positive and happy person. Change your mental habits. If you need help, drop me a message ; )

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