Give yourself some Love

How long has it been since you do not dedicate time to yourself, to do something that you like? If your answer has been «long ago» then something must change, from time to time we have to disconnect from our daily routine, our duties and obligations and do something different, something for you. Sometimes we dedicate a lot of our time to others, to work, to domestic chores and we forget to dedicate time to ourselves. What are your hobbies? What relaxes you? How do you have fun? What things do you enjoy doing? Although you enjoy being a mother and love your work, from time to time you need to disconnect from what you do every day and do something different to charge batteries and fill with energy and motivation to continue the week. I suggest you to choose one day a week and establish it as your day and during part of that day do not answer emails, calls, issues, if you have children, leave them with grandparents or a nanny and go out with your friends, cook, draw, read, do exercise, yoga, walk, sing, dance, go to a spa, take a massage, do things for yourself and enjoy, you can spend that time going out, exercising or if you feel like staying home then disconnect from social networks, read, do yoga, cook some new recipe if you like to cook, enjoy a bath with salts and some aromatic candle. Give yourself love.

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