Free From Food

Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free, egg-free, sugar-free, etc. diets are increasingly fashionable. Many people follow any of these «free» diets, even if they do not suffer from any intolerance or choose not to consume animal products due to respect for animal abuse. Due to this modernity, companies have taken advantage of this boom by working on the image of their products to make it appear that these diets are healthy, but not farther from reality. Today we will clarify this confusion.

Starting with the reason why many people become vegans and vegetarians, the bad conditions of the breeding sites,the truth is that there are breeding farms where animals graze and run outdoors and eat natural and organic grass, an example of this are the «happy chickens». So if what you are worried about is the treatment that is given to the animal, you can find products that come from ecological farms, of course the price will be higher but the quality of the product and the type of aging justify these prices totally.

As for the «free» diets (gluten, lactose, egg), if you do not suffer from any intolerance and consume these products in moderation in a balanced and quality way you can still have a healthy diet. With quality I mean to consume a type of cereal that is organic since the cultivation of cereals has undergone many modifications, especially wheat, spelt is a very good option since it is a cereal with a very hard shell that protects it and It does not require chemicals, so if you do not have a big budget you can replace the wheat with spelt without needing to be organic (bread, flour).

If you think you are lactose intolerance and have problems digesting cow’s milk, try the goat or buffalo milk or kefir.

Be careful with these labels that can lead to confusion believing that it is a healthy product because it does not contain any of those ingredients but may contain others (sugar, additives) to try to imitate the taste or texture that the product would have with the ingredient that they exclude. So it is not necessary to go crazy and extreme and eliminate all gluten, dairy, etc. of your diet, you only have to take into account the quality of the ingredients, if you consume wheat or dairy products that are organic; the amount you consume, take it with moderation, even if it is a quality product do not include gluten in each and every one of the meals because a balanced diet is also important, nothing happens to consume gluten in small quantities but an excess can affect your intestinal health, even if you are not intolerant. The same happens with dairy products, they have been related to certain diseases, but you do not have to eliminate them completely from your diet if you are not intolerant, simply moderate their consumption and opt for organic options, goat, buffalo or kefir.

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