Enjoy your Holidays

Ready for the holidays?, Family, friends, beach, pool, walks or perhaps a trip? Are you ready to enjoy your vacation to the fullest? We spend a lot of time thinking, waiting and hoping that the holidays arrive, disconnect from work, rest, visit family and friends and once you are there, do you get the most out of the situation?, do you enjoy it as you would like? We miss the family and especially those who live far away but it usually happens that when we visit them at some point there is some discussion. We arrived full of illusion, the first days are like something new but then begin to appear differences that are usually similar to what you used to have when you lived there and do not have any useful function.

This holiday I propose you to do an exercise of understanding, not to allow you to judge, but to understand. Judging is what leads to discussions, when you notice that you are judging, stop a few minutes and change that thought for understanding, if you are bothered by the way your mother does something analyses why she does it, maybe it is her way of showing that she loves you and misses you and wants to make you feel as comfortable as possible even if she achieves another effect, but find what is the true intention of that person, instead of focusing on the negative effect it produces on you, look for the good intention and appreciate it. If there is a mania that bothers you try to simply accept it instead of letting it irritate you since it is not in your hands to change it and getting frustrating you will not change anything. Enjoy what you have now, the moments and the family company that you miss so much when you are away, now you are there, where you have wanted to be for a while, appreciate it and enjoy it. Be present; as I spoke in this post (ichigo) enjoy the moment as that day, those moments are not going to return in those conditions and those circumstances, so enjoy them as unique. Dedicate quality time to family and friends, disconnect from social and electronic networks, enjoy the scenery, the sun, the good temperature and activities that you can only do at this time of year.

And do not forget to take care and pamper yourself, take time, relax, go for a walk, do some exercise, read on the beach. Do reflection exercises every morning remembering the beautiful things you are experiencing this holiday and do not forget to appreciate the small details.

And finally, I propose you something else, if your holidays look like that they will be similar to those of each year, with the same plans as always, challenge yourself, do something different, even if the environment and the people are the same as always, prepare at least a different plan, if every summer your plans are usually to go to the beach with friends, go out for dinners, family meals, this summer plan a different activity with your friends, go to an amusement park, do a day trip and the same with your family.

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