Change Judgment by Compassion

«This morning I saw Mery at the school and she was looking very messy, without combing, in tracksuit and she did not greet me when she passed by me». «Ana no longer drinks dairy or eat sugar because she wants to lose weight, what a fool!» «Look at that girl taking a selfie, she thinks she’s beautiful.» How many times do we find ourselves judging about others live, personality and attitude, it is so easy and free to give an opinion without reflecting on it, but do you know the story behind that appearance or behaviour that you are judging?. Maybe Maria has not been able to sleep that night because her son was sick and she has not had time or desire to get ready because taking care of her son is more important at that moment for her than spending time looking pretty. Ana may not eat sugar because they have discovered an illness or just want to improve her health and the girl who takes a selfie may be is a fashion blogger and want to publish her clothes. These would be some explanations but there could also be others, who know? Only the person himself knows it, the truth is that behind every act we judge there is a story and if instead of being carried away by the coldness of judging, you go further and you are interested in the story, ask or just think about what the explanation behind it might be. To feel compassion for others, to be understanding, to empathize,  benefit yourself, the result that these emotions generate in you are more positive than when you judge. When we judge who is harmed the most is yourself producing negative internal vibrations and sending negative energy to our environment which are then returned in a certain way.

We all judge at some point, some more, some less, but what is important is realizing when we do it and changing it for understanding. Pay attention and you will be surprised discovering that you judge more often than you thought, but when you get to identify those ideas and you see yourself judging you have already taken the step to change that way of thinking, once you realize that you are making a judgment you can stop to analyse it and think about the other options and explanations behind it and substitute it for compassion. Cultivate an interior of peace and love.

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