Tips for a Good Sleep

Do you have trouble falling asleep? do you wake up often at night? If you have trouble sleeping try some of my tips:

• No light in the room, silence, an appropriate temperature where you feel comfortable.

• Sleep between 6 and 8 hours; do not stay in bed for more than 8 hours, regardless of what you have slept.

• If 30 minutes pass and you have not fall asleep yet, get out of bed and read, watch a documentary, do some activity (not active) outside the room for a while, not very long and try to sleep again. Do not stay in bed for more than 30 minutes awake, if you have to get up 4 times throughout the night, do it, it is very important that you get up and not stay in bed if you do not get to sleep in a while. The first days it is likely that you hardly sleep for a few hours but is fine finally the sleeping habits will be established little by little and all the effort will be compensated.

• Set a time to go to bed and to wake up, the same every day. To get used to this schedule, do the same activity (not very active) before going to bed, for example, take a shower, brush your teeth or read and do the same in the morning, exercise when you get up, prepare coffee, have a shower. For example, if the schedule you have set is from 00:00 to 08:00, at 11:30 p.m. start reading and at 00:00 h. go to sleep and in the morning put your alarm at 08:00 h. and get up even if you have not slept enough hours and you feel tired and do the same activity every morning just when you wake up. Establishing a fixed schedule to wake up each morning strengthens the circadian rhythm and favours a quick initiation of sleep by the night.

• Have dinner 2 or 3 hours before going to sleep, eat light meals for dinner and avoid consuming energy drinks and foods at night, such as coffee, tea, coke, chocolate and sweets.

• Do not do activities in bed such as reading, watching TV, working on the computer, you must associate the bed to sleep, so it should be just for that (and have sex if you wish).

• Exercise, avoid a sedentary lifestyle, continued exercise favours a deeper sleep.

It is important to be patient, the changes do not occur from one day to the next but to obtain them you must be constant and sincere with yourself and carry out the advice I have given you.

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