The Garden of your Life

How much time do you dedicate to what you truly want? Do you really know which life you want to live?

Much of our time we spend it in actions that for us have no value, only for others to praise us or to eliminate a feeling of guilt or sadness. It is important to stop, think and analyse what controls our actions. Think about which are our values, how we want to be, what friendships we want to have, how we want our family life to be, clarify what we really want and care about in each area of ​​our lives, the directions you want to take and then consider the objectives and actions to go in those directions.

Imagine you are a gardener and you are going to plant your own garden, you have plants of various types, geraniums, rose bushes, daisies, which represent the different areas that are important to you, such as family, friendships, leisure, well-being, studies work, etc. How important is each of these plants to you? How are they? are they leafy or somewhat withered? Do you think that as a gardener you are putting the fertilizer they need according to the importance that each one has for you?

I propose you an exercise, find some paper and pen and write down what are the plants in your garden and how you want them to be, for example, family; be a good mother, training, be a well-educated person, well-being; be health, leisure; have an active and social life, etc. Once you have this, consider the different objectives in each area, for example, in the family area you want to be a good mother and you would like to be more caring and understanding, in the wellness area, your desire is to be healthy; then you have to change your diet, do exercise and not smoke. And finally you will think about the actions you must do to achieve what you want, to be a more affectionate mother, you should hug and kiss your children more, talk to them and listen to them assertively when they have a problem, to improve your wellness area go for a walk every day, eat more vegetables, avoid sugar. Now think about what areas you value and what are the objectives you want to achieve in each of them and what you should do to get them and tell me about your garden and the steps you are going to start, you can leave a comment here or send me an email ; )

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