Our Mental Parrot

Today I’m going to introduce you the animal that we always carry with us, that does not leave us at any time and that we carry on our shoulders all the time, the parrot is a talkative animal, when it learns to speak it does not stop. Our mind is like a parrot, it talks to us constantly.

Have you already signed up for the gym or have you started running, walking or doing some kind of exercise? Have you decided to eat a healthy diet but you cannot keep it? You start very well, doing everything you have proposed and after a few days you wake up and is raining and cold and your parrot starts telling you to stay home, do not go to the gym or go for a walk, that you feel more comfortable at home, is warm and you don’t get wet. What do you do in this situation? Do you listen to your parrot and let him and laziness dominate you or are you going to take control over your decisions? You cannot kill the parrot, just as you cannot silence your thoughts, but you can act as you decide, if laziness tells you to stay at home but you really want to go to the gym because one of your plants is to be healthy and for that you should do exercise, you can let the parrot keep talking to you and go to the gym with him on your shoulder, lazy but going. If you want to do something but do not dare because you feel shy, go for it anyway, bring the shame with you, it’s not about waiting to not feel ashamed, but about doing it with shame. At first it will cost you but little by little it will disappear, the second time the parrot will speak to you a little less, the third, even less and in the end you will naturally do what you did not dare. When you notice that you start listening to what your parrot is telling you, ask yourself, who do you want to dominate your life, your parrot or you?

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