You have a stressed life, between work, home, social life and you can’t handle everything and you would like to learn to manage your emotions, your time, daily tasks, learn how to eat healthy, sleep like a baby and enjoy yourself and life.

Are you not happy with your job? Do you often argue with your partner?

Do you have difficulties managing stress and anxiety?

Do you have cravings for food or do you start eating when you feel irritated or stressed?

You usually think that things will go wrong or you get discouraged when something does not go as you expected.

Can not you achieve the weight you want? You don’t feel motivate to start doing some exercise?

Do you suffer from constipation?

You feel lack of energy, do not sleep well or have uncontrolled meal schedules.

Do your fears limit you?

If you had a magic wand and could ask 3 wishes to change something about you or your life. What would you ask for? And if I tell you that, that wand really exists and that it is in your power and that I have the keys for you to find it and get that life that you want.

“Freedom consists in being brave” Robert Frost

I have also been in your situation and now I am a happy and positive person. I follow a healthy lifestyle, mind, body and soul in balance and I can help you get it too, with my experience and my professional background I can help you overcome all your obstacles, live the life you want and achieve your goals personal and professional. 

We will treat your specific needs, goals, objectives, emotions management, internal and external conflicts, advice on nutrition and healthy eating in a personalized way.

What will you get with my consultancies?

Love yourself, confidence and achieve your goals. My consultations are for people that want to overcome their fears and wish to improve their lives, for those who dare to embark on a path that will lead to happiness and a positive and abundant life. Are you that person? 🙂

What includes?

  • History about your personalized case.
  • 60 minute consultations.
  • Attention via e-mail between sessions.
  • Access to support groups.
  • Discounts on special events.
  • Support material, recipes, templates, guides.

If you are willing to give yourself priority and take care of you, start now. Would you leave a rotten tooth untreated or go would go to the dentist? And if you had an infection, would you go to the doctor? Why keep waiting to attend your emotional needs and improve your life and health. It is an investment forever, an investment in your well-being, your happiness and yourself

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